Retroladytyping …


on 14/12/2015

Ok,  I am very new to this writing lark, so please be gentle with me.  Two of my friends have recently set up blogs on this site, so I thought – why not?  Why not indeed – well, because their writing is all I would like mine to be.  It is not and is unlikely to be any time soon.  Does that matter?  I don’t know and I guess I am hoping the answer is in the negative.

About me:  I have recently retired from work, having decided to commit myself to befriending work with people living with dementia, in hospital at present, but soon to be community befriending as well.   That makes me sound noble, but I’m not.  Friends have used words like ‘awesome’ – those were younger people; others have said “are you sure?” and “can you cope?”  Well, I guess I can, so far so good.  I’ve met some amazing elderly people, who never fail to make me smile and I hope I make them smile too.  Recently one lady was in fits of giggles at my identity badge!  I don’t blame her.  I feel either like laughing or crying when I look at it.  Tip to self:  smile, don’t grimace when having photo taken for something you are going to be wearing a great deal.  A bit of lipstick doesn’t go amiss either.

Back to the subject i.e. retirement/volunteering/dementia:  my mother had dementia.  Sadly she died two years ago and I know that I didn’t manage her illness very well.   We knew next to nothing about it, assuming it just meant memory problems.   Those of you who are aware, will know it’s so much more and can mean extreme distress and fear for all those involved – not just the person with the illness.  I had fantastic support from the Alzheimer’s Society online Forum, who saved my sanity during many a late night.  The volunteering, therefore, is a way of paying something back and righting the wrongs and misunderstandings of the past, so I am not ‘noble’, ‘special’ or ‘brave.’  My motives are mostly selfish.

Is that wrong?  I don’t know.





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