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A Myriad of Moons

on 02/01/2016


After much planning, discussion, messaging on Facebook, texting and  speaking in the real world, an unusual lunar event took place in Bath on New Year’s Eve 2015 at just past noon.

To explain:  my mother was one of eight siblings born to Stan and Lily Moon over 20 or so years from the 1920s to the 1940s.  This means I am privileged to be part of a constellation of Moon descendants – some of whom have moved to other galaxies (Australia) and various parts of Great Britain and Ireland,  some of whom haven’t strayed too far from the mother-ship in South-West England, but we hadn’t been in regular contact due to busy lives filled with work,  travel and such things.

However, a series of events, sadly funerals being one of them, a Golden Wedding, the advent  of the internet and the much maligned Facebook have motivated and enabled us to become friends as well as relatives.  It’s a cliché to say you can’t choose your family, while you can choose your friends, but I can honestly say that all of us have become friends, despite the intervening years.  We shared confidences, jokes and tastes in music,  through the internet and by phone,  but had never been able to meet in one place, with our spouses, children and partners.  Something always seemed to intervene with any plans.

However, during the latter end of 2015, one my many cousins, who lives partly in Norfolk and partly in France, floated the idea of her visiting us during New Year – the idea being that she, and her husband,  would travel to each of our homes for a brief visit.  The logistics of that seemed unnecessarily complicated, so we tentatively suggested a meal with as many of us as possible in Bath.  A flurry of texts, Facebook messages, telephone calls etc revealed that this was just what we’d all been waiting for.  The enthusiasm was palpable.

There were some anxieties (there is necessarily a wide age range, from 6 year olds to 70+).  Would it work with some of us having been out of contact since our Weddings?  Some of the younger members had never met the more senior relations.  Would everyone even want to come as the time grew nearer and Christmas and New Year commitments were arranged?   A venue was chosen and agreed, menus were circulated and all was well.  As time went on, some needed to drop out, some added, but the final figure of 25 was settled.

The result was one of the most enjoyable occasions I have ever had the pleasure to be part of.  Everyone talked, in groups, in couples, to people they hadn’t met, or not for some time. The children behaved impeccably and were confident enough to talk with any of us and tell us about their achievements and interests, even patiently showing us non-techies how to access films on their phones.    There were photographs (one of our number has one of those all-action cameras, so knows what he is doing).  One of us brought Moon nightlights for all of the direct Moon descendants.  Several of us ladies wore Moon-themed jewellery.  There was much hugging  and kissing (with feeling not because it is what people do nowadays), comments on family likenesses, shared memories of those who have passed away and reminiscences of shared family events.

It all came together as planned.

What wasn’t planned was the feeling of well-being I felt as we drove home.  Facebook photographs and comments only tell half the story.  I can’t put a name to the feeling really:  the Facebook feelings option includes “blessed”, but that is not enough.  It is truly wonderful to be a member of such a group of people.

We said we would repeat it as people do on these occasions, but I know we mean it.  We are very lucky that we all truly love and care for each other.  There are differences in attitudes, beliefs and  political allegiances of course, but they don’t matter.  We are blessed and, as our family grows and we meet again, we will feel that blessing again and again.

(Thank you to Las Iguanas in Bath, and any other customers that day – we did rather take over the place!)






One response to “A Myriad of Moons

  1. Margaret Moon says:

    it was great to see so many family all at one time

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