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Mother’s pride

Mother's Pride

This post is not going to contain any profound thoughts (Do they ever?  I think not).  I am just feeling the effects of a very large amount of Mother’s Pride today and  need to share it around a little bit …

Our older little boy (I think of him like that, but he is pushing 37 years old – ouch!) ran the London Marathon today in a time of 3 hours 48 minutes and a few seconds.  However, his time isn’t really the point.  It is to him and he wanted to do a better time, but then he always wants to push himself harder and further every time he takes on any challenge.

He probably won’t read this, so I’m safe, but none of this has come easily to him.  He first started running (and cycling and swimming) because he loves cake more than is good for his health or  shape.  The choice was to give up cake and sit around, or eat more cake and start moving.  He opted for the latter and, being him, did it with style and attitude and then some.

Firstly he learned to bake his own cakes, so building up a stock in case of empty cake tin syndrome. He then started moving – a lot.

His training consisted of cycling 15 miles each way to work, several long distance cycle races, including a mountainous section of the Tour de France, Parkruns every Saturday, increasingly lengthy training runs and several Marathons and Triathlons, but always the London Marathon had eluded him.  Having succeeded in the ballot last year, injury prevented him running.    This year with all systems go he did it!

He’s fought his way back from injury, coped with a very busy job, started a lunchtime running club at work and continued to train, always focussing on what he saw as The Big One, the Virgin London Marathon.    Only he would use an Iron-Man Triathlon as training for the London Marathon.  If he’s going to do something, he’s going to try to do  it well, and push himself to his limits; he’s always been like that, determined, even stubborn, especially if things become difficult, which is why (and this is the bit he won’t want to read, although I hope he may be secretly pleased) I am a Very Proud Mum today.

Almost forgot to add – he also managed to raise well over £400 for Hart Wildlife Rescue – a cause near to his and our daughter in law’s hearts.

Well done, Matthew.  (and yes, I will start ParkRunning soon … one day … stop nagging me!)

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The big cover up

This video was shared to my Facebook page by a friend and is the most effective way I have seen of explaining what true anxiety, rather than worrying, feels like.  Who’d have thought the ubiquitous post-it note could achieve so much.

I am not going to comment too much, apart from to say please watch it.  It speaks very effectively for itself.

There are many people out there who are experiencing anxiety and you’d never know to look at them. I bet you know someone, even if they are doing the big ‘cover-up’.  Most people do, because trying to explain and justify how you are feeling is very difficult and, usually, pointless.  Understanding and making that understanding clear to the person themselves is,  however,  very effective at relieving some of the overwhelming, suffocating power of anxiety.

I’ve been there a few times:  been a swan (serene on the surface, paddling like hell underneath to cover up the fact that I had a mental illness) and it’s incredibly exhausting.  My apparent calmness and serenity has been commented on, so I must be adept at the big cover-up.  I’m ok now, apart from the occasional reminder that it’s still there, under the surface, ready to break through and drown me.    I was, and am, lucky; I have a very understanding GP, a tolerant husband and family, as well as kind friends.  However, at the time, it felt like a very lonely experience and one which needs more understanding.  I hope this video helps to achieve that.

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In an anonymous town…

Not written by me and I don’t have any connection with this school, but it makes for very worrying reading.

…In the West of England, there is a school. A school that could be anyone’s school. It could be yours. It could even be mine. In this little school, there are many strange goings on. Th…

Source: In an anonymous town…

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