Retroladytyping …

Touching reality

on 03/05/2016


I have a friend who I first met around 6 years ago.  I was greeted by her when I went into work each morning and we had a quick chat.  That was all … then.  Our paths diverged;  we went our own ways, not planning on encountering each other again – probably.  I can’t even remember saying goodbye.

Since then we’ve each had some tough times and some lovely times, but without the other’s knowledge, until the day when we happened upon each other’s names on Facebook.  (Yes, I know, I know, but bear with me.)  I’ve reconnected with several other former acquaintances through FB, as have many people.  However, after the initial flurry of interest and catching up on each other’s lives, we’ve lost touch, maybe deliberately, maybe just because life got in the way.

However,  that was not the case with this Facebook friend.   After the initial catching up on the intervening six years, we discovered we share interests which we didn’t know about before; we talk each other’s language – no need for explanations:  we both know what we mean; we share information, comments, confidences and links.  It’s amazing how many times she shares a link with me, or vice versa, at precisely the same time as the other. Perhaps co-incidence, perhaps  great minds (Hah!) thinking alike and the timing is a virtual accident.

The point of this is that, while we may or not arrange to meet again in the ‘real’ world, we have discovered a real friendship in the virtual world of the internet.  We don’t need to meet.  We’ve shared much more since those few moments at the beginning of each working day than we ever did then.

Is it a friendship?  Some people, especially people of my generation, would say it’s not.  I think it is.  I know she will read this.  I hope she agrees.

I ought to mention that she is a writer.  She reviews books and writes a blog.  This is the link to her site:

It is well worth a look and particularly pleasing to know that six years ago, she dreamed of being a writer; now she is.


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