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Guest poem by Alison Bolus

on 11/10/2016

This lady sums up so eloquently why I support the Alzheimer’s Society.

Which me am I today?

Today, I’m once again handing over my blog to Alison Bolus, who is 56 yrs young and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Alison recently emailed me this poem and when I asked if she minded if I posted it on my blog, was concerned as “I feel my musings should be upbeat”.

My own thoughts on this is that by writing my daily blog I’m hopefully showing that it is possible to live as well as we can but it mustn’t overshadow and hide the daily struggles and challenges we all face. I hopefully show the struggles as well as the positives. Media photos should show smiley happy people to show the happiness we can still have in our lives but within our stories the daily reality of living with dementia must also shine through along with the strategies we develop for adapting to the disease. It’s a fine balancing act and…

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