Retroladytyping …

Guest Poem by Alison Bolus….

on 11/10/2016

Not written by me … but worth sharing as dementia is one of my interests.

Which me am I today?

Alison too has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She is 56 years young and lives with her husband in Surrey. The writing of anything can take Alison many hours, so I’m glad she managed to put pen to paper for me………

Slip sliding away…

Slip siding away…

Oh how apposite!

Oh how befitting!

I can sense my words slip sliding away, faltering, stuttering as I fumble for the words I used to master so casually .Now they define me and defy me by slowly unraveling my thoughts, leaving my poem naked and undone.

I know that my creeping pace will soon stutter to a slower pace, and then slower still, as I sight the beginning of the end of my story.

Then the end will beckon with a slow confused trail of thoughts to capture everything together with the glue of memory spread very thinly, as if to capture everything that…

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