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Dear DWP………

on 04/11/2016

 Penalised for coping … part 2

An update to the post I shared about a lady who has been refused Personal Independence Payment, despite the fact that she has dementia.  The DWP’s decision was based on the fact that she has been able to put strategies in place so she can retain as much independence as she can, for as long as she can.  Basically she is indeed being penalised for coping. This is her follow-up post … I can’t improve on it.  Please read and share if her situation strikes a chord with you, makes you angry, or if, like me, you admire her  determination. 


The real impact on real people’s lives……….. Ok, so now you can smile, now you can place a tick against another statistic you’ve won, after all we are just a number to you – a number to win or…

Source: Dear DWP………


One response to “Dear DWP………

  1. Janis Limna says:

    So eloquent and so glad that this ridiculous decision hasn’t crushed her spirit!


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