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Alice reads and writes and reads and writes … and reviews.

Alice reads and writes and reads and writes … and reviews.“Look at this Miss.  I’ve decided to read the Diary of Ann Frank and then translate it into French, ” said as she produced a notebook filled with very small, neat handwriting.

That was my introduction to the reading, writing, reading and writing person, that is my friend, Alice.  As we got to know each other better, I realised that this was her life.  Alice just loves reading.  Even more than that, she loves to share her love of reading with others.  To that end she  launched herself into the world of blogging, mostly about books – really her blogs are about her life and thoughts, but, being Alice, that means books:  books she has read, books she would like to read and now, books she would like others to read. Alice is a very giving person.  She is not one to shut herself away with a book and keep it all to herself.

So, Alice blogs, about books.  She started by focussing on Young Adult fiction, but being Alice, she reads anything and wanted to share her eclectic tastes with others.  To that end she has just started to read and write about the Classics.  The Classics – those words are guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of anyone who remembers being compelled to study them for GCSE’s (‘O’ levels in my day) and ‘A’ levels.  The in-depth study and note-taking required can kill any book stone dead.  I know it did for me.  I just wanted to read the bloomin’ things.  I wish I’d known Alice then.  She would have awakened my inner blogger.  As it is, I’ve set her the task of reading “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and letting me know what she thinks.  I may even dig it out of the box of school books mouldering away in my attic and revisit it.  If anyone can persuade me to do that, Alice can.

Reading, of whatever genre, is a wonderful thing.  Sharing that love and awakening, or re-awakening, an interest in an undiscovered genre is even more wonderful, and I think Alice will find it rewarding to know that others share her love.  Classics have become classics for a reason.  They are (generally, unless Alice disagrees and she may well do) well-written, so are worth re-reading when that reading is done purely for pleasure rather than because it’s on an exam board set-list.  I know that Alice will welcome discussion about her thoughts and opinions – even differing opinions, so please do check out her blog.



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